Welcome to My Nightmare

Greetings and salutations!  I’m Beth.  I’m 36.  I, along with my husband, own a 1900 fixer upper in Pittsburgh, PA, which I’ve been renovating since the dawn of man and which I hope to have completed shortly before the apocalypse (could be the zombie or the four horsemen kind; that remains to be seen).  When we purchased the house in August of 2007, the original plan was a 3-5 year remodel.  But as everyone knows, life isn’t perfect and things don’t always go as planned.  Here you will find posts about our home improvements, other DIY projects that I’ve taken on, possibly a book review/recommendation or two, and definitely pictures of my beloved dogs.  More than anything, this is a place to share my struggles, triumphs, and advice, but it’s also a keepsake for me to look back on how much we’ve accomplished and to motivate me to keep moving forward.